November 9, 2022 14:51

Startup Szerda - Future of Cities - the event dedicated to sustainability, mobility and new startups was held at the Gyor Chamber of Commerce

Startup Szerda - Future of Cities took place on 2nd November 2022 in Gyor and supported by StartITup Gyor, were presented solutions for future mobility, sustainable urban logistics and startups at the Gyor Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The event  Startup Szerda - Future of Cities was opened by Ákos Dervalics, CEO of Green Brother, the Hungarian member of EIT Urban Mobility RIS HUB network. He had presented an unique EU initiative and opportunities EIT community by integrating business, education and research. Urban mobility is always under pressure. Future challenges ahead include growing urban populations, how to build and maintain infrastructure, the economic and environmental costs of congestion, demands for greater accessibility and safety. 


Déri Huba, one of the founders of Rollin, emphasized that the transport of the future is headed in the direction of electric SUVs and sedan-type cars. Since the external size of vehicles does not decrease, we must move towards smaller micromobility devices. Rollin offers a solution for parking and at the same time for building the charging facility, which can even fit in a standard parking lot.   

As Rusz Bero put it, the market for electric scooters is growing, so there is a good chance that they will become decisive players in urban transport, but for this, the conditions of the appropriate infrastructure must be created.  

 Dóra Kratochvill, one of the founders of ViddL, presented revolutionizing parcel delivery. They work with freelance couriers who can book working hours and work flexibly, and there is no shortage of applicants.  

 During the event were discussed questions: what will Gyor look like in 2050? How will we get around downtown?  How important will sustainable urban solutions be? 

The new startups of the incubation were introduced, which we will talk about briefly. Collact offers a solution for users to store their memories online. The Petfriend application initially lists pet-friendly restaurants, later this circle is expanded to include, among other things, animal handlers and veterinarians. Seedtrader is a kind of digital platform in product trade, primarily in relation to grain feed, bringing together the buyer and the  seller. Taking advantage of the popularity of car simulator games, Simboostr has developed a software data analysis and evaluation system, a virtual racing engineer provides automated and personalized advice to users. 


EIT Urban Mobility is an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Since January 2019, EIT Urban Mobility has been working to encourage positive changes in the way people move around cities in order to make them more liveable places. Green Brother is the Hungarian member of EIT Urban Mobility RIS HUB network.