August 31, 2022 14:24

Skeleton is investing 220 million EUR to build the largest supercapacitor factory in the world

While the war in Ukraine and the seemingly never-ending Covid variants have ruled the headlines in 2022, this summer has been an alarming wake-up call for us all - climate change is here and it doesn't stop for wars, it doesn't pause for pandemics. It's progressing faster than ever as evidenced by heat waves, followed by wildfires, dry riverbeds, and famine around the world.

But this is a time for action, not a time for despair. As I like to say: When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

We started 2022 strongly, with 2x growth in the first half of the year compared to 2021. In July, we announced the plans for our Leipzig Superfactory, a 220 million euro investment that will 12x our production capacity to meet the demand from major blue chips and OEMs like General Electric, Siemens, CAF Power & Automation, Hitachi Energy, and Skoda Electric, to mention a few.

The Leipzig Superfactory will be the largest and most modern supercapacitor factory in the world. Together with Siemens, we're implementing full automation to the production line to bring supercapacitor production to the leading edge of energy storage.

With start of production in 2024, the Leipzig Superfactory will help accelerate electrification in transportation and automotive, support rapid growth in renewable energy production by ensuring safety in wind turbines and helping to stabilize power grids together with leading energy companies globally, and kickstart fusion reactors to rid the world of fossil fuels once and for all.

While this is a big step forward for Skeleton, we're not stopping there. In October, we'll have big news to share about our SuperBattery technology, so keep your eyes peeled! 

I also want to take the opportunity to congratulate our founding scientists, Dr. Jaan Leis, Dr. Anti Perkson, and Dr. Mati Arulepp, for winning the European Innovation Award for 2022! Our supercapacitors, the new Superfactory, the SuperBattery - it's clear we would have none of it without the years of R&D and hard work our teams have put in.


Author:Taavi Madiberk