October 11, 2023 16:14

TICER Pitching Gala: More than Just a Pitch

The urban mobility sector is at an exhilarating crossroads. With cities becoming increasingly dense and sustainability taking center stage, startups and SMEs are perfectly poised to redefine our urban transportation experience. But there's a catch - the journey from a visionary innovation to real-world implementation is fraught with challenges. Enter TICER, a groundbreaking initiative tailored to bridge this gap.

What is TICER?

Open to everyone, from university spin-offs to established SMEs in the EU and Horizon Europe Associated Countries, TICER stands as a beacon for those daring to revolutionize urban mobility. The initiative springs from a collaboration between EIT Urban Mobility - an arm of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, and Green Brother, RMIT Europe, Szombathely City, and Frontira. Spanning September to November 2023, the program crescendos into a gala pitching ceremony in December 2023.

Europe's Urban Mobility Scene: The Landscape & The Challenges

European cities are urban mobility innovation hotbeds. However, Europe's innovators grapple with unique challenges:

Challenge 1 - Sustainable Mobility as an Alternative

How can we foster a culture of sustainable mobility in Szombathely so people become more inclined to embrace eco-friendly transportation options such as buses, bikes, scooters, or walking instead of using a car?

Challenge 2 - Demand-Driven Mobility Design

How can we channel the needs of citizens and urban stakeholders into the mobility-related decision-making process of the city?

Challenge 3 - Data-driven synergies for mobility

As a municipality, how can we use existing and yet-unknown data to - directly and indirectly - encourage the public and economic sectors to improve traffic flow?

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility Through Education

Currently, 16 diverse startups, SMEs, and student teams from countries like Hungary, Norway, Turkiye, Germany, and more, are navigating their TICER journey. TICER has 3 educational programs:

  • September-October: Entrepreneurial Module. An immersive experience, it equips startups and academic minds to craft, validate, and pitch urban mobility solutions.
  • October: Co-creation Workshop (UX). A dive into creating user experiences that resonate and redefine.
  • November: City Regulations Landscape. A comprehensive look at the legal contours shaping urban mobility innovations.

The Grand Finale: TICER Pitching Gala

Scheduled for 4th December in Szombathely, the TICER Pitching Gala promises to be an electrifying culmination. This event promises to be a convergence of groundbreaking ideas, visionary city planning, and the immense potential of urban mobility. But what makes the TICER Pitching Gala even more special is its hybrid nature. While the Szombathely city's representatives, investors and partners gather in-person, a global audience can tune in through an online stream, ensuring that geographical boundaries do not limit the exchange of ideas and opportunities.

It’s not just about pitching; it's about possibilities of investments, collaborations, and making visions a reality. For startups, the TICER Pitching Gala is a gateway to numerous opportunities. Securing investments can propel their solutions to new heights. Recognition can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and even pilot projects. But more than anything, it’s an affirmation that their ideas hold value, that their innovations have the potential to make cities more livable, sustainable, and efficient.

With TICER, the urban mobility narrative is set to get a fresh, invigorated direction, one where innovation thrives, cities benefit, and the future turns greener. Join the revolution!

For any inquiries regarding TICER, feel free to contact us at ticer@greenbrother.hu 

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