We are a sustainable business advisor with a majestical accelerator program.

Success is a team play, right? Let’s level up together!


Knowledge tailored for you.

With our extensive experience in the Energy, Mobility and Circular Economy sectors, we provide you with unrivalled counsel and enable you to focus on your core mission.

Smooth introductions to the right stakeholders.

Meeting the right people is always a challenge. We are not just an ordinary business partner, but your gateway to a credible network that can help you scale faster.

Get your foot in the door.

We can help you access vital European resources, investors and corporations, to help you have an advantage over your competitors.

We can give you the headstart.

We put our money where our mouth is! We provide the funding, so you can focus on your business. No need to worry about your next investor!

Who can we help




Bottlenecks are inevitable. Let our experience be your guide. Our consultants provide resources, support and advice to get you over any hurdle.


Focus on your business, not only on investment round. We’ve got you covered. From pre-seed to series A, Green Brother and our investor partners have got your back at every stage of the process.


Innovation scouting and consultancy services for start-ups and companies is what we do best. ‘Leveraging our industry partnerships, we can help align your strategy, prepare for growth, find new market opportunities and generate value - all while mitigating any risks.


Our workshops are straight to the point: providing expert training to help you solve your most pressing challenges strengthen your team and grow.

Project financing

Need financing for a new project? We can help! Based on your goals, our consultants will recommend the right public or private financing. We help you apply to open calls and tenders too!

Project development

Whether it’s reference or pilot projects, entering a new market or reaching the growth stage, you’re in good hands. Our advisors help design, implement and engage potential clients. Plus, we help you deal with stakeholders along the value chain and get the right financing for your specific action plan.

Market Entry Support

Need a hand entering a particular market? We can help you, this is not our first rodeo. Let us connect you to our extensive networks in Hungary and throughout the EU.


Never get lost in an ocean of grant applications again. Let Green Brother be your guide! We navigate you through the process, helping you select and align your project with grant criteria.

Strategic Partnerships

Doing it alone is sure to be a rough and bumpy road. Collaboration is key to a smooth path into new markets and achieving your scaling targets. With us, nothing is impossible. We can help you connect with “untouchable” companies and land valuable partnerships with companies that seem out of reach.


THE Accelerator powered by Green Brother

Ready to discuss your project with us? Contact us at info@greenbrother.hu!


Rosen Dimov
Innovation Manager

“A very goal-oriented programme, enhancing cooperation with different stakeholders (city, public transport companies, etc) and peer participant start-ups that would otherwise be 'competitors'.”

"Green Brother provides practical experience of interacting with real-world clients, helping them build solutions clients want. They also understand how start-ups can best position themselves."

Dénes Bernáth
Co-founder and Head of Business Development

“It is a very insightful series of occasions where start-ups could have enough time to discover the customer needs and demands and find the most tailor-made solution to the problem.”

“It was a good way to contrast with companies in similar stages, from getting help in simple tasks like how to improve sending an email to making a commercial strategy.”

“Something that we hear a lot and sometimes forget, when dealing with cities, we need to understand their complexity and their issues in order to truly help them with our solutions.”

“My experience with TICER has been transformative, driving personal and professional growth. Through this exceptional initiative, I had the privilege of collaborating with brilliant minds, gaining invaluable insights, and honing my skills to drive the success of Urbix Hub.”

“Green Brother helped us a lot to find our way around the EIT application system, explore the opportunities and apply effectively.”

“With its valuable online learning materials and offline events, Green Brother has helped us to develop our business and expand our business contacts and market knowledge.”