We are a sustainable business advisor with a majestical accelerator program.

Success is a team play, right? Let’s level up together!


Do you struggle with securing sufficient funding and investment to bring your innovative solutions to market?

Join us and enhance your access to funding and investment for your pilot projects, market entry activities by leveraging our extensive network.

Are you facing difficulties in scaling your operations across diverse European markets with different languages, cultures, and business practices?

Green Brother’s support for scaling your operations involves tailored market entry plans, designing pilot projects that respect local market nuances.

Are you concerned about protecting your intellectual property rights across multiple jurisdictions with in Europe?

We safeguard your intellectual property by coordinating with top-tier legal experts to secure patents and trademarks across Europe.

How challenging is it for you to build and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, and governmental bodies, in a fragmented European market?

We help you build robust stakeholder relationships through targeted networking strategies and personalized stakeholder engagement plans.

Do you encounter obstacles in recruiting and retaining the talent necessary to innovate and grow in the highly competitive European landscape?

To tackle talent recruitment and retention, we offer customized HR solutions that attract top talent and foster a positive, innovative company culture.

Are you finding it difficult to ensure that your innovation meets the specific needs and preferences of a diverse European customer base?

We ensure your product fits diverse European markets by conducting thorough market research, adapting your offerings to local preferences and leveraging the launch of your business in the target countries.



We specialize in providing innovation scouting and consultancy services.

Our partnership enables us to create pilot projects, align business strategies, and increase market opportunities while mitigating risks and generating revenue for all parties involved.

Project development

Are you in need of reference or pilot projects? Do you need help to enter a new market or to reach the growth stage? Our advisors will help you to design, finance and implement pilot/reference projects and engage new potential clients. We help you to deal with all the stakeholders along the value chain and get the right finance your specific action plan.

Strategic Partnerships

Doing it alone is sure to be a rough and bumpy road. Collaboration is key to a smooth path into new markets and achieving your scaling targets.

With us, nothing is impossible. We can help you connect with “untouchable” companies and land valuable partnerships with companies that seem out of reach.


Join our network of insustry experts, start-up founders, investors and researchers and find like-minded people who might want to join you on your next endeavour. We help to facilitate the connections to find a suitable match!


We extraordinar workshop style trainings to help you solve your companies most pressing challenges and help you and your team succeed and grow together.


Do you need to finance your new project? We can help you with that! We can talk about private our public funding based on your goals. We will even help you apply to open calls and tenders.



Let’s get your business to the international market together! With our industry specific experience and wide network, we can give you the support and guidance you are looking for.


We can help making your company more innovative in a cost-effective way. We can connect you with the right people right innovations within our portfolio and beyond and help you form the basics of a strategic cooperation.  


Join our network and let's work together for a greener future!