We are a sustainable business advisor with a majestical accelerator program.

Success is a team play, right? Let’s level up together!


Green Brother is about building relationships.

We need to work together to win the battle against climate change, and nowhere is the power of collaboration more evident than in Green Brother.

Our partners can see first-hand the results of connections between startups and companies, inventors and manufacturers, entrepreneurs and fellow entrepreneurs. Our goal is to act as a connecting link between key partners, creating a leading community of climate-conscious entrepreneurs that acts as a hub for collaboration, innovation and change. As a member of Green Brother, large companies are no longer untouchable entities, but people who are available to provide mentoring sessions or attend business lunches and work directly with innovative companies, helping to achieve real results.


Partnering with Green Brother offers companies a number of benefits. Our members get early access to innovation, giving them the opportunity to be among the first to learn about and adopt the latest climate technology and cleantech solutions. It offers a range of opportunities for large companies to test new technologies and fit them into their business model.

The Green Brother community provides personal contact with the most talented professionals and researchers working on the latest developments. Our corporate partners can build relationships with other industry players, startups and investors.

The availability of financial resources to fund innovation reduces the risk of our partners adopting new technologies and business models.

Being part of the Green Brother community helps to position and strengthen the brand of our corporate partners, as they can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and innovation. As a member of the Advisory Board, companies can directly influence the strategic direction of the community.


At Green Brother, there are many forms of collaboration between startups and corporate partners that provide outstanding benefits for both parties. Four main types of collaboration are particularly highlighted:

These initiatives allow companies to test and develop the latest technologies in real-life conditions before they are deployed more widely.

This creates opportunities for startups to reach the market faster, while companies can offer new products and services to their customers.

This form of collaboration enables the latest technological developments to be brought to market faster and more efficiently.

Companies can access the creative and pioneering ideas of startups, while startups can benefit from the experience and resources of companies. This mutually beneficial collaboration contributes to the growth and market success of both parties.

These collaborations allow corporate partners to be directly involved in the development and application of climate technology and cleantech innovations. In the Green Brother community, these collaborations not only accelerate technological progress, but also offer significant market benefits to the participating companies.