We are a sustainable business advisor with a majestical accelerator program.

Success is a team play, right? Let’s level up together!


Do you want to save yourself some time and speed up the process?

Would you like a more efficient and transparent way to gain funding and focus on meeting your next milestone?

Do you need better and faster access to industry-specific knowledge, experienced advisors and potential stakeholders?

Would you like to build a successful business by addressing more market opportunities?

The business world is tough, but thankfully we have a proven record of elevating our partners to meet and overcome their challenges.

Let us help you level up!

How we can help you?

We designed our service to provide funding for hardware-intensive start-ups during product development, while reducing business risk by staggering investment and setting intermediate requirements.

Company-building gudance

Business development

Industry-specific expertise

Strategic resources

Who are we looking for?

Start-ups in the areas of Mobility, Energy and Circular Economy

Early-stage start-ups: from Pre-seed to Series A.

Some green flags for us:

Your product, service or business model is youthful, innovative, or revolutionary.

You have at least 2 founders that are bold and driven.
You have the drive to scale on an international level.

You have already entered the market.

Your start-up has a positive and ambitious environmental impact.

Ready to discuss your project with us? Contact us at:  info@greenbrother.hu !

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution? Check out our accelerator program

We designed THE accelerator program to aid the start-ups in our network:

Within THE Accelerator program the progression to each stage is conditional on the acceptance of the achievements of previous stage by the decision-making body.

The program focuses on business, technology, organizational development, intellectual property protection, and finance/funding, by allocating in-house and external mentoring resources by Green Brother for nine months.