We are a sustainable business advisor with a majestical accelerator program.

Success is a team play, right? Let’s level up together!

Our Mission

We revolutionize the business environment for sustainable innovations to jointly reach net-zero carbon life.

Our Vision

We make a brighter, greener future the norm for all through innovative solutions.



We started our journey helping start-ups enter the international market as an official HUB of EIT InnoEnergy.

We helped 76 start-ups prepare for investment, among which was HeatVentors, who have been growing and expanding steadily eversince.

Along the way we joined many projects delivering business value for innovations, such as developing the total comprehensive training material and methodology for EIT Jumpstarter, which is now used across the EU.


Joined forces with 5 other countries’ accelerators and multiple companies (MVM and Tungsram) and created the InNow Interreg project to help sustainable energy solutions spread like wildfire.


The energy and mobility sectors are connected on so many levels and both face significant changes to meet climate challenges. To help innovators thrive and drive change, we started an EIT Urban Mobility RIS hub in Hungary.

We helped innovations evolve and successfully get in to EIT Urban Mobility programs. A few of our success stories include tOURmix, BLOCK city, Met3r solutions, Yourparking and Urbaniqe.


Green Brother was born to help start-ups and companies grow and prosper using the knowledge and resources we have built up through years of experience.


TICER, our new offering launched to provide open innovation services for cities and bring sustainable innovations closer to citizens.


Green Brother is preparing the launch of THE Accelerator to help greentech start-ups to raise funds and grow.

Learn about our econic accelerator.












Ákos Dervalics, MBA
Managing partner

Leveraging over two decades of multifaceted expertise in business development, sales, innovation management, and technology transfer, I stand at the intersection of engineering precision and strategic business acumen. As an Electrical Engineer with an MBA, my journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of growth, both for the organizations I've been a part of and in the personal development of the teams I've led. My leadership style is deeply rooted in strategy and coaching, always aimed at fostering an environment of innovation and market expansion.

One of my most cherished roles is as the co-founder of the Knowledge to Money Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping SMEs and entrepreneurs with the essential skills for business development. Through this platform, we offer entrepreneurial mentoring, training, and best practices, all designed to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit.

Fun fact about me: I’m an amateur sommelier who has become the go-to advisor for wine selection and food pairings among my colleagues and friends. 

András Lőrincz, Dr.
Partner, Investment Manager

I am a Partner and Investment Manager at Green Brother, the HUB of EIT InnoEnergy and RIS HUB of EIT Urban Mobility in Hungary. With over four years of experience in the renewables and sustainable industry, I have a proven track record of delivering innovation management, market entry support, and start-up investment process management for start-ups and innovators in the energy and mobility sectors.

My mission is to unlock investment and market access for advanced solutions that contribute to the green transition and the circular economy. I have successfully created, designed, and managed the Green Brother Accelerator program and the international start-up development program InNow, involving five countries and multiple corporate partners. I am also skilled in business case preparation, negotiation, sales, business development, project and account management, and have a strong professional background in law and business administration and management.

Fun fact about me: I have a good memory and can recall interesting facts relating to any topic.

Linda Kismarty-Lechner
Senior Innovation Consultant

I have more than four years of experience in the Hungarian start-up ecosystem, where I’ve played a pivotal role in steering key initiatives within the start-up landscape. The result is a significant contribution to program management and fostering entrepreneurial growth. I have a passion for driving positive change and specialize in advising innovative businesses on projects, pilot initiatives, strategic partnerships, funding opportunities, and more. My superpowers are project management and strategic networking which have paved the way for start-ups to thrive both locally and internationally. With my track record of successfully guiding star-tups through market access and expansion strategies, I can ensure that they are well-equipped to navigate new territories.

Fun fact about me: I love to dance, especially while cleaning.

Gabriella Anna Lányi
Community and Event Coordinator

With a diverse background spanning various roles across different countries, I've cultivated valuable skills and experiences. As a receptionist in Italy, Budapest, and Denmark, and later as a student tutor and wedding planner assistant, I've honed my expertise in customer relations, hospitality, and international collaboration. Transitioning into the B2B sector at Green Brother, I'm enthusiastic about cultivating a vibrant community that not only offers exceptional experiences but also fosters an environment conducive to collaborative business growth. I'm eager to leverage my unique blend of talents and experiences to contribute to the dynamic culture and success of our organization.

Fun fact about me: I have the uncanny ability to imitate the sound of a rooster and various other animals.

Anna Kircsi
Marketing and Communications Specialist

I have more than four years’ of experience across hundreds of projects helping clients create their online presence, and build both their brand and a relationship with their audience. At Green Brother I am responsible for maintaining and improving our brand value and building our professional online community.

As a content creator I am skilled at creating engaging content across all social media platforms.

I also assist with lead generation for our core activities of supporting innovative businesses and fundraising, as well as our accelerator program and advisory.

Fun fact about me: I have the perfect oddly-specific Spotify playlist for every occasion and mood.

Zsófia Cseh-Máté
Senior Innovation Consultant

After obtaining a Master’s in European and International Administration, I accpeted a position with the Ministry of Finance, specializing in research and innovation projects as an EU application manager. In 2018, I joined Startup Campus managed the company's EU projects. The experience I gained in those past roles gave me the broad set of skills I need for my current role at Green Brother.

Since 2022 I have managed the company's finances, HR and back office.

Fun fact about me: I’m crazy about excel, organizing, cleaning products, good wine and I would do anything to own an alpaca.

Do you have any questions about our services? Feel free to contact us at info@greenbrother.hu. We are always happy to help.