More than just pitch

TICER Gala Pitching Event


Join us at the TICER Gala Pitching Event for an exclusive opportunity to explore Europe's leading urban mobility innovations.

TICER pitching Gala is more than just pitch presentations. Immerse in the world of high-potential startups and SMEs.

Get ready for an exciting showcase featuring startups hailing from various European nations, including Hungary, Turkey, Malta, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, Germany, and Austria.  11 innovative startups and SMEs will present their groundbreaking solutions focusing on Sustainable Mobility as an Alternative, Demand-Driven Mobility Design, and Data-Driven Synergies for Mobility challenges. Join us at the TICER Gala, whether you're in search of groundbreaking innovation or are an innovator seeking the right investment or market opportunities. Dive into a world of collaboration: engage with future business partners, unearth investment opportunities and connect with leading innovators.


Innovations Shaping Tomorrow's Energy

Hydrogen Revolution:

Budapest, Magyar Tudósok Körútja 2, 1117

16th of November the event will unite key stakeholders, including hydrogen tech SMEs, innovators, corporates seeking innovation, and experts. 

This conference promises to be a pivotal gathering of key stakeholders within the hydrogen industry from the EU, including hydrogen tech SMEs, innovators, corporates seeking innovation, and esteemed experts. Together, we will explore which factors contribute to green hydrogen development, the growth potential of hydrogen as a fuel source in transport,  obstacles and risks. Additionally, we will delve into the ever-growing importance of hydrogen technologies in achieving zero-emission goals, opportunities within EIT Urban Mobility, and access to valuable European financing resources. 

16 June. Budapest

INNspiration Gulyás

Join us at one of the flagship event  where INNovation meets inSPIRATION

INNspiration Gulyás is a matchmaking event where the brightest minds within Energy and Mobility meet to build even more successful businesses together and determine who cooks the best Gulyás.

INNspiration Gulyás will be highlighted by a pitching session with a panel of esteemed judges. The event will feature panel discussions, matchmaking, and information-sharing sessions. Start-ups, SMEs, corporates, investors, industry experts, city councils, universities, research institutes, and other stakeholders are all welcome to the event - including start-ups and innovative SMEs from RIS countries.

Throughout the event, all participants will be able to network, exchange experiences, and gain access to new resources. INNspiration Gulyás is here to help you take the next step together. In addition, a Gulyás cooking competition will also take place in an informal setting where start-ups will compete in cooking the best Gulyás and other participants will act as judges.

Info-sharing for SMEs & Start-ups

INNspiration Urban Mobility: Farsang Info Day

2023. February 09.

1117 Budapest, Infopark 1 Building E - Neumann Janos utca 4th floor

Green Brother, the Hungarian member of EIT Urban Mobility RIS HUB network, the largest professional community within the mobility industry for innovators in Europe invite you to Info Day "INNspiration Farsang" on the 9th of February in Budapest.  INNspiration is a place, where great ideas for INNovation are matching with inSPIRATION.

Join the first info-sharing event in 2023 INNspiration Urban Mobility: Farsang Info Day, which allows you to be in trends, receive valuable insight into your business, discuss with the experts what is going on in the market, present your company, share business ideas and make networking during the cocktail time. During the following event, you will have the possibility to learn about the types of programs you can take part in the EIT Urban Mobility programs, how to get an investment, meet one of last year's RAPTOR winners.

Grow a sustainable business and scale faster

INNspiration: Bootcamp training 2022

2022. November 02.

A five-week INNspiration Start-up BootCamp  built on international best practice with experienced mentors and trainers is meant to unleash your true potential and start your entrepreneurial journey to make innovative and viable business models. We will help you transform your business ideas into a real Start-up curated just according to your ideas and our entrepreneurial network & support. 

Participants will have the unique opportunity to increase visibility and present their projects on the INNspiration Urban Mobility Gala event on 10 November in front of the  corporation executives, investors, sector experts and  ecosystem stakeholders, that can support the implementation and the development of their business ideas. Also, 6 startups will get a chance to be promoted to EIT Urban Mobility programs up to 500.000 EUR.

Conference and Matchmaking

Hydrogen Technology in the transportation of the future cities

Budapest, Dayka Gábor u. 3, 1118

On today's agenda is efficient and sustainable solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, and key questions arise: what is the role and future of hydrogen technologies in the transportation sector? Hydrogen is the key to zero emissions mobility. 

"Hydrogen Technology in the transportation of the future cities" is a conference and matchmaking event  taking place on 10 November 2022 in Budapest, and will bring together stakeholders from the industry, city, and innovators in order to discuss the latest advancements in this sector. We invite you to join the panel discussion, presentations, and networking sessions. 


The Start-up Pitch Event

INNspiration: Urban Mobility

2022. October 31.

An unique opportunity to present your start-up or innovative ideas and gain access to investment opportunities to further develop the idea

Join us for our INNspiration: Urban Mobility Startup Competition & Matchmaking event, that helps mobility innovations and startups to shape the future of cities and make urban spaces more livable. Apply if you have innovations to improve urban trends, mobility and energy, public spaces or any other smart city or urban mobility solutions.

The call for applications is open until 30 September 2022.
Registration as a partner or visitor is open until 9 November 2022.


INNspiration: Urban Mobility The Start-up Competition & Matchmaking event

Online Info Day

2022. September 07.

INNspiration: Urban Mobility The Start-up Competition & Matchmaking event is the event where innovations match with inspiration for startups, partners, investors, and all those interested in innovation.


Join our Online Info Day related to INNspiration: Urban Mobility The Start-up Competition & Matchmaking event. Short introduction about the event, how to get an opportunity to present innovation and gain access to investment and further develop ideas. For SMEs, and large corporations, pilot projects offer opportunities to expand the local and international market or business acquisition opportunities. Matchmaking with our partner to secure future cooperation and get sale opportunities. The chance to be promoted to EIT Urban Mobility programs up to 500.000 EUR. 


16:00-16:10  Introduction. EIT Urban Mobility in Hungary
16:10-16:20  Value proposition of  INNspiration: Urban Mobility The Start-up Competition & Matchmaking event for start-ups, partners, and visitors
16:20-16:30 Investment opportunities in areas of:

  • Urban mobility  
  • Mobility and energy
  • Smart city and 5G technologies
  • Green City Logistics 
  • Public Realm 
  • Future Mobility
  • Urban air mobility 

16:30- 16:50 Discussion
16:50-17:00 Q&A


If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to


INNspiration Gulyás 2022

2022. July 08.

Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 125, 1036

July 8, 2022, at 10:30 CET.

Summer edition of the INNspiration networking event

Join us for a summer edition of our INNspiration networking event! Entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and Green Brothers’ community members are invited to attend. This event is in partnership with MVM Smart Future Lab and allows you to receive valuable insight into your business in general, discuss market trends, present your company, share business ideas and make networking. Innovators have the opportunity to showcase their ideas and products. Since this is an unconference we have prepared a fascinating program: demo day for startups, networking, workshop, gulyás cooking competition, gifts, and much fun. 

Come network and enjoy INNspiration Gulyás nearby the Danube River! 

Innovation happens now: 10 ways of using ultracapacitors in the modern grid

Online workshop

2022. June 28.


Join us on the 28th of June, 2022, at 16:00 CET for  online workshop "Innovation happens now: 10 ways of using ultracapacitors in the modern grid"

In this event, hold on by Green Brother as a representative of InnoEnergy HUB in Hungary, you will hear from our speakers - Dr. Géza Pálfi, Expert for Energy Storage Technologies and smart solutions, and Tony Moberg, Sales Director for Grid at Skeleton Technologies, the leading European manufacturer of graphene-based ultracapacitors that efficiently contribute to fast frequency response, peak shaving, grid flexibility, and many more. High-level expertise from the power grid and will share insights on innovations in fast frequency response, virtual inertia, peak shaving, grid flexibility, and many more challenges and solutions grid operators facing along with the energy transition. Everyone, who is engaged in the power grid sector is invited to attend, meet colleagues, and engage in a community that is focused on innovation and energy sustainability. 

Webinar by EIT InnoEnergy

The race for green talent

2022. April 12.


Did you know that batteries are now the fastest-growing storage technology in Europe and a key enabler of a low-carbon economy? 

We cordially invite you to a short, 45-minute webinar about this topic on Tuesday 12 April at 16:00 CET. New projects across the battery value chain have already attracted more than €60 billion in investments and are expected to create between 3 and 4 million direct and indirect jobs over the next few years.

INNspired by beer fest

INNspiration: Pre-Jumpstarter Workshop.

2022. March 30.

1117 Budapest, Infopark 1 Building E - Neumann Janos utca 4th floor

Preparation for the 6th EIT Jumpstarter.Pre-Jumpstarter Workshop by Green Brother focuses primarily on preparing you for the EIT Jumpstarter program and supporting you in the application. 

Creative community, advanced know-how, unique programme, expert trainers and mentors, this is EIT Jumpstarter. The strategic aim of the program is to create a sustainable impact in the Central-Eastern and Southern-European Regions by boosting innovation and entrepreneurship within this part of Europe. 

Is it for me?

Pre-Jumpstarter Workshop is ideal for you if you are a part of a scientific project team, innovator, scientist, idea-holders, Ph.D. student/ candidate, or master’s student with a product or service idea in healthcare, agri-food, raw materials, energy, urban mobility, manufacturing or new European Bauhaus sectors and wanting to learn basic entrepreneurial skills coming from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, who do not have a company yet.

When? March 30, 2022

Where?  Infopark 1 Building E (4th floor) - Neumann Janos utca, Budapest, 1117

Theme? INNspired by beer fest

Dress code:  the most comfortable as you want 


How to develop business models that can hold up in the EU?

Research Centre for Natural Sciences TTK 1117 Budapest, Hungarian Scientists 2. Kiselőadó

It is ideal to participate in the workshop for those who wish to launch a product/technology development project for the international market.

The workshop by HUBA and InnoEnergy focuses primarily on presenting the methodological elements of the Business Investment Platform for InnoEnergy financing, which comprehensively contains all the essential factors for compiling international business models. The aim of the programme is to show domestic battery businesses the depth of knowledge and plans needed to support their projects from EU funds, to enter into a consortium with EU partners and to bring the results of the development to EU markets.

Hungarian, but the slides and reference materials will be in English.

Send a brief summary of the planned innovation/project (1000-2000 characters), applicant's name, company, and contact details to 

Participation in the event is subject to membership in the Hungarian Battery Association. If you are not currently a member of the Association, please indicate your intention to join via e-mail

EIT Urban Mobility community event by Green Brother


2022. March 01.

1117 Budapest, Infopark 1 Building E - Neumann Janos utca

Returning to a fully in-person event. Join us in Budapest on March 03, 2022 at 17:00! Live streaming on Facebook

EIT Urban Mobility by Green Brothers provides the largest professional community within the mobility industry for innovators in Europe. The first offline event this year with the great opportunity to build a community of innovations and startups. This event allows you to receive valuable insight into your business in general, discuss market trends, present your company, share business ideas and make networking.  During the following panel discussion, you will have the possibility to business contact directly and receive an answer to all questions. Join us to hear top insight. INNspiration -a place, where great ideas for INNovation are matching with inSPIRATION.

for EIT Urban Mobility Call for Proposal 2023

EIT Urban Mobility Matchmaking

2022. February 09.


2023 won't be without a call for proposal at EIT Urban Mobility. To support your successful application, we connect you with possible partners.

Come and join our online matchmaking event on February 10, 2022, 14:00h-16:00h CET!

Send us a brief application (in cc. 300 words) about:

  • your company

  • what partnership you are looking for

  • what partnership you can offer

latest by February 6, 2022, 23:59h and we will contact you to find the best partners right for your needs.

Do you have a smart city solution? Join us!

Smart City Program for future Bavarian and Hungarian urban ecosystem

2021. November 29.

Coming soon..

Green Brother Smart City initiative is a start-up accelerator program that integrates the innovation support services of the European Institute Technology (EIT) InnoEnergy & Urban Mobility, with active outreach to the CEE region.

Be a part of the Green Brother Smart City Program and get unique access to the latest start-up solutions. Specify the vision and plans of your municipality and select among the tailored solutions dedicated to your challenges.

Bootcamp sessions & Startup Competition

Startup Competition and Matchmaking for Urban Mobility 2021

2021. November 23.

Coming soon..

Green Brother Startup Competition for Urban Mobility is the challenge for start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs from Central and Eastern Europe whose products or services in the field of mobility are solving today's problems with tomorrow's technology.


Egészséges utcák

2021. September 14.

Prezi, 1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 54-56.

Az EIT Urban Mobility RIS HUB Hungary és a Járókelő közhasznú Egyesület által szervezett workshop célja, hogy az Egészséges utca koncepciót megismertessük a résztvevőkkel, bemutatásra kerüljenek megoldásra váró problémák, és a már megoldással bíró startupok termékei és szolgáltatásai.